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African Mixed Martial Arts - Empowering People to Reach Their Potential
African Mixed Martial Arts - Empowering People to Reach Their Potential


Rodrigo Gracie, legendary champion with Evaldo Lima and James "Bobby" Ware

Welcome to AFRICAN MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, the premier facility for Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Kenpo and mixed martial arts (MMA). African MMA Executive Director and head instructor James "Bobby" Ware is one of two kenpo black belts in Kenya that is certified by legendary fighters Evaldo Lima and Royce Gracie, making Bobby one of the most sought-after instructors for both novice students beginning their study of the art and advanced students looking to refine their technique.

Kenpo Karate in action

BJJ is the definitive fighting style, and with its effectiveness in the UFC, it is also the fastest growing sport in the world today. No matter what your age, size or gender, BJJ combined with Kenpo and MMA can help you meet your training goals. As a self-defense system, it teaches battle-tested techniques that not only help you to protect yourself but also to build the self-confidence that makes you less likely to be a victim in the first place. As a fitness program, BJJ combined with Kenpo and MMA develops the kind of functional strength and endurance that will benefit even the elite athlete. African MMA provides a fun and structured environment where you will train with other people striving to meet these same goals.

Royce Gracie, legendary hall of fame world champion teaching children Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The best way to find out if African MMA is right for you is to try it. Reading about it is one thing, but nothing compares. Discover how African MMA can change your life.

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