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African Mixed Martial Arts - Empowering People to Reach Their Potential
African Mixed Martial Arts - Empowering People to Reach Their Potential
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Dear Friend,

Congratulations! You've taken the first step in helping you and your children achieve physical fitness, self defense, and better mental health. You will soon see how our Mixed Martial Arts Training in the styles of Kenpo and Brazilian/Gracie Jiu Jitsu will truly help you develop skills that will last a lifetime.

At the African Mixed Martial Arts, we have a clear mission for everyone who trains with us.

  1. You will develop stronger self-defense.
  2. You will develop better concentration and focus.
  3. You will gain more confidence and motivation.
  4. You will become physically fit.

None of the traditional martial arts styles typically found in Eastern Africa can offer a mission this comprehensive, and none of them can deliver the results that we can. Simply put, I want to give you the same training we have given thousands of new martial artists throughout Kenya and Eastern Africa.

I feel strongly that in today's society, every adult should take some form of martial arts training. In addition, children should know how to defend themselves, have strong personal character and have the confidence and motivation to succeed in life. But most importantly, the earlier you get started with us, the more you and your children will excel. When you enroll at African Mixed Martial Arts, you will help turn your family's future from a day-to-day challenge into a lifelong success story.

Best Regards,

James Ware, Kenpo 6th Degree Black Belt, Professor Rank
Executive Director, African Mixed Martial Arts
Past President, African Kenpo Federation